What Delhi’s people think about website designers & web designing

What Delhi’s people think about website designers & web designing

I got one interesting topic that i want to share, probably you don’t have a website yet & at the back of mind you are thinking about making a website for your business, but the screw is you are not 100% sure about it. Probably you want to know what people in Delhi think about website designing & website designers. So here we start,

What Delhi’s people think about website designers & web designing.

We divided Delhi’s people in few categories, like Businss 

Businesses in Delhi

There are three popular categories of people who are potential customers for website designing, we are tracing these natures to identify the real reasoning behind web designing demands.

  • Manufacturers
  • Whole-sellers
  • Retailers

But before we go ahead, there are other edges of research too that What Delhi’s people think about website designers & web designing.

Your thinking location-wise, about website designers in Delhi

There are many zones in Delhi, few are potential & few are low potential locations here, you may be a job person or a new businessman but if you are living somewhere in Delhi, locality will impact your thoughts & no offence, budget too. So thinking you need a website or not may change on your current location. It gives another thought-point of What Delhi’s people think about website designers & website designing companies.

Another thing,

Agewise thinking – What Delhi’s people think about website designers & web designing

Age is a prime factor too, we all can understand this. Youth is more clever at most of the time, they are nearest the technology so it is all understood What Delhi’s people think about website designers & web designing, there We are talking about youth. But so you think matures are behind in que? No, they are quick too.

Based on above points we have a lot of things to rethink, if we are taking right decision or wrong.  I am an old time blogger & founder of this website designing company. But you never find my articles bias because i leave things upto you. My work is to track-down different scenarios.

so if you want to go in detail, read further, or you may stop here…Please note, at the bottom of this article there are some recommendations, effect of such thinking, & conclusion resides. If want to ask anything you can write me on info@cybertoothindia.com

So here we start ahead,

government data

Click Source

You can find above information in given link above this is taken from a government website. The purpose is to let you know what is the percentage of different natures of all businesses in India. Non-Organised entities are not calculated but the rough analysis gives us an Idea roughly in round figure.

crowed is divided equally between Manufacturers, suppliers & service providers, one third to each.

But the history first,

There are popular portals in India, this internet business started after 80s, and become viral because it was easy


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