कैसे दिल्ली में बिज़नेस बढ़ाएं? किस तरह के वेबसाइट designers hire किये जाएं की फायदा हो,

कैसे दिल्ली में बिज़नेस बढ़ाएं? किस तरह के वेबसाइट designers hire किये जाएं की फायदा हो,

How to improve online business in Delhi’s competitive market, if you do anything like opening a physical shop or designing a website, Hiring SEO expert in Delhi, Everywhere is competition. I am writing targeting Delhi but this article is not just about Delhi but anywhere in the world same problems exist- HOW TO PROMOTE BUSINESS ONLINE AND OFFLINE. We know this about  physical offices/shops too, because in our company profile we are connected directly with many customers in their business in deep level.

In here, we will not discuss you know about, but we discuss you certainly don’t know about.

Don’t dazzle if i tell you- A right online going business has more scope than doing business offline, this is because a huge physical business depends on online activity too, either you are new in business or old fish, nothing can stop you if you are doing online business in correct manner.

So what are those correct practices those can make backbone of your physical or online businesses?

Here coming straight to the point-

Making just a website or buying a domain cannot do alone

What should not to do

Why you should never ignore online promotion- 

A just bought website is uncooked vegetables in your kitchen, you cannot eat them without processing it.

without seo and promotion you cannot beat the business, so making just a website with no promotion is worthless

This is a suitable example of your business, there is a lot of competition in market, you are deciding it today to make a website but there are companies who are running their online businesses for nore than 20-30 years, if you think without beating that competition and popularity you can redirect their businesses then you are wrong, you have to make some digital marketing strategies.

Planning is essential part, you should not avoid it.

Mostly, i found many people here who read some articles or hire an SEO expert without asking them the strategy, if you launch your digital marketing campaign without any strategy i feel you want to kill your business yourself.

For example in wars there are lots of examples of unique winning strategies, in wordwar second Hitlar’s army was in situation where they were surrounded with ice without food, and friend nations were trying to disconnect their food supply, in that situation any weapon was not the matter of strength but it was food which could help Hitlar’s army to win, similarly having the biggest digital marketing weapon won’t work for your unique business, but the strategy can help you.

So you should not avoid planning your online business. 

What else you should not forget?

Opposite market strategy shall not work, there is no profit to play your trumpet in a wrong market. 

Let’s understand with this, if you are a Toy Seller, and what if you stand at the door of a Apparel Market and tell each customer  you are offering World’s best toys at World’s cheapest rates. Obviously almost zero chances of making sales would be there. It’s because you don’t have right audience there, vice versa if you choose Kids Apparel Market, and there you tell people about your toys, then you can win some positive Sales chances there. In third and the scenario- If you do the same thing in toy market then there are high chances.

Let’s make the highest chances while combining all these three scenarios-

Now read carefully- What if you apply this strategy to Toy Market , you go at the gate of this toy market and tell each person entering there about your products. Here you give this responsibility to your most experienced sales person, because this is highest sale generating market.


You appoint an employee, and give him responsibility to distribute brochures in Kids Apparel Market, to exchange the visiting cards, taking phone numbers and email ids, offering extra discounts. Here you collect some important data of interested customers.


In third market you don’t need to appoint anyone there, you get printed pamphlets and stick them at most visible places in the Regular Apparel Market which is not a Kids Apparel Market in our examples where you had very ess chances, but kids are everywhere and parents too, so you do this.

By doing this in Toy Market you get direct customers., in Kids Apparel Market you get data of interested customers and you can make outbound calls or emails later informing them about your toys, as they are your possible future customers. In third market you do some efforts may be some day some parents could see your advertisement and contact you.

Same thing is about digital marketing, in some industries facebook is good, in most cases seo can work and few products need youtube promotion (for example innovative/introductory products need demonstration marketing, in past we have example of Eureka Forbes marketing in India ). Eureka Forbes, was popular because of it’s free product demonstration strategy at the time when they were starting to sell vaccume cleaners, we had no youtube, This company was on National TV saying about it’s free demonstration.

In short-

Strategies are different for every product, an expert means “A person who understands SALES and DIGITAL MARKETING” both. Only he can design your online strategy.

There are many options, but all are raw until you process it. Few example are right below.

  1. SEO
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Facebook Promotion
  4. Youtube Promotion
  5. Linkedin Promotion
  6. Bulk Mail
  7. Bulk Messaging
  8. Local Online Portals and Listing-Websites
  9. Free pages on Internet
  10. Blog Promotion
  11. Free blogs on Internet
  12. Joining Community
  13. Whatsapp Groups
  14. Using Mailchimp Stratagy
  15. and other offline promotion mediums

So not loosing chances, reading useful material completely and applying new strategies you can increase sales and become popular brand or service.

In reference of Delhi-

Delhi is not just capital of India, but it’s a capital of world competition too, there might be so many other cities like this, so this article is useful for every city like it, we are giving example of it because we want to do this. So read this full and carefully, it will make you understand

  • Hiring an SEO Expert
  • Deciding where to focus more
  • Finding other possible areas
  • Maximum digital marketing outcome vs minimum fund allocation
  • Becoming a popular brand
  • Increasing your sales
  • Deciding what you can do yourself and what should be done by a digital marketing expert

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