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Static Website Design
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Cybertooth Incorporation is an static website designing company in Delhi. Our team of website designers can make these static websites in minimum time. These are widely accepted website designs & best point is if some day you want to edit some small portion of website, this will not be difficult to update. However customers can goto our contact page to find our office in Delhi, still we appreciate to use this contact form instead to save your time.

Static websites are good for search engine optimization, they load fast & give you good traffic because these HTML pages are one of the oldest & reliable technology.

Who should opt Static Website Designing?

If a customer don’t want frequent changes, addition, removals, change in images then he can opt static websites. Normally static website design comes with a few pages. Being a small website, it doesn’t have much editing options but for Search engine optimization point of view these website works fine for Google, bing, MSN, Yahoo, duckduckgo .

Process of Static website designing

There are a lot of tools & variety of knowledge is available, we use HTML, sometimes Jqueries & many other technologies to integrate and produce a finest static website for you.

Domain Booking, Hosting Booking, client’s images, data collection are parts of static website designing.

Still this is neither complicated & nor it is costly website type until you make a heavy HTML website, because in case of broad websites we have some other types of website designing options too, these options not only  works awesome but also static website designing cost is comparatively low.

Benefits of Static websites

Easier to create & host : You can opt static websites at low cost, our website designing company in Delhi makes you feel a happy working environment. For us your ease is everything. designing these static websites is easy & simple at hosting.

Cost of a static website is lower than a dynamic website:  Here it is, the cost of a static website if much lower than a dynamic website.

Quick Website designing: Our website designing company in Delhi offer website at minimum time.

Easy to modify: Our web designers make these websites with clean codes, so they are easy to modify later

Suitable for small companies: If your requirement is low then we must say this website is for you.

Search Engine Friendly: Being the oldest technology this is widely accepted technology, if you optimize such website in organized manner then you can promote this & increase your customer base.

Presentable websites: Our website designing company makes these website too presentable. It doesn’t mean a low cost website can’t be presentable. Our website designers make these website in the most presentable way.

What are other options than a static website?

As a website designer we offer every type of website, sometimes client comes with a low budget and asks for a website. Our website designers suggest them these websites with small number of pages.

The reason behind this is, however a static website is a low cost website, it looks good & performs good but when the matter is about adding a lot of pages then making of such static websites become costly. Handicrafted piece of codes, slow correction are some difficult things to manage in a website.

Designing cost of static website

This depends on no. of pages & work on any particular page. Like work may be big or small, the estimated cost changes for static website, this is why it’s different for any client.

As a website designing company in Delhi we suggest our customers from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Sonipat & India to opt static website design if you really can’t afford another advance technology.

Still answering the question of website designing cost for static website, we recommend you to go on our pricing page.

Our static website designing company in Delhi suits best to the customer from Delhi, why?

The reason why static websites are best fit sot small business owners in Delhi is simple “It’s good to have one than having nothing”, Delhi is too competitive from business point of view. When someone goes in a business meeting people check their profile. In Delhi, more of businesses are already have a website. If you are the one who don’t have a website this means your low impression. Do you want this bad impression because of little amount? As a static designing company in Delhi we know –

Even most good shops have website, restaurant & sweet shops do have a website today. In today’s world impression is everything.

If you are in your mood, then your buyers will not stop thinking, your buyers will remain same in nature or you can ask any of our website designer to make a lovely website for you & if you are here, we believe you already know your buyer’s mindset. As a company we prefer you for long term business relationships.

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