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Project Description

Website designing service preocess: Know Step-By-Step designing process. 

Step 1 – Website designing service process, How to plan your website, what designing companies do.

Before you go set your goal what you want to achieve from your website designing company. Especially when you are in Delhi you know the kind of competition over internet. The psychology of customers has changes, they want things cheaper, awesome services and very first thing- Your company presentation should be 100%. So decide yourself whether you want to make website just to print on your visiting cards and other documents OR you think a step further and want to use it as a marketing tool. Once this step 1 is completed then move to step 2.

Step 2  – Decide your website budget, we let you know why it is important.

This is second step at planning your website. When you know what you want to pay, you narrow-down your thought process. Now you know you want a website for marketing or for something else. You know your budget and you know what do you want from a website designer.
If you know your budget, you can get better idea about what you can make in this budget. Why we are telling this? Because performance matters after your website is complete. We suggest – Before choosing a developer you should choose your budget first.

Step 3 – Ask developer website price with SSL & Domain Privacy, don’t hesitate it’s important

Since 2016, google chrome suddenly started showing websites NOT SECURE, what happens! when your client see this- NOT SECURE. SSL is mandatory to resolve this issue, it dosen’t come free, but it has worth . Domain privacy keeps you safe from unwanted marketing calls. If you want to design a website without it, simply ignore these products, you will save your money but your website will be marked NOT SECURE by browsers link chrome, internet explorer etc.  Probably, you will start getting marketing calls.

Website can be made without these products but there are few drawbacks of ignoring these things. Your buyer won’t trust your website and will hesitate to give their information. All up-to-you and your budget. It’s not about website designing companies, remember its for you only. If you don’t trust, do some research.

Process Step 4 – Now after step 3 outline is ready to design your website, now discuss pages.

Under step 4 website designing process : Number of pages matters at the time of designing, the biggest mistake people do to get their website designed they dont give idea of their work. An experience website designer can guide you. Keep remember designing is based on no. of pages, in general! So keep remember your given information can add better presentation of your business.

Website Pages Guidelines :

There are 3 mandatory pages in a website, you can change names but by nature these pages are mandatory or actually we should say popular-

  • HOME

Rest pages become optional- Whatever you like, just add there. It’s about basic protocol,  nothing else.

For Example see following points –

When designing a website you can avail following pages too to give your website huge look, if you want to afford.

Testimonials, Client Pages, Gallery etc.

There may be your SERVICE or PRODUCT PAGES on your websites.

“Above idea is based on a general discussion, at other hand website is yours and you can decide things over it” vice versa the observation is client’s. You cant control if bad impression castes.

Step 5 – Decide a website type

Dynamic or Static whatever your choice, get that. Normally in market, dynamic means- website those comes with dynamics into it, where you can add and remove content or a communicative website. You can add images or make pages too by yourself. A Static Website- you cannot edit this yourself without coding knowledge.

Benefit of Static website designing

It’s Cheap initially, if you dont move, add, remove content this website is a best fit budget-wise. They are mostly handy-crafted web designs, once you want to edit into it- it cost really high.

Drawback of Static website

Once you want to add something to this kind of website, you need to go-to developer for even smallest things & you know handy-crafted things costs more.

Benefit of Dynamic website designing

  • Vice-versa, it is easy for maintain. Easily you or your developer can add things into your website, you can add and remove items. its costly initially but cheaper later.
  • Updating this, is faster.
  • Hassle free

Drawback of Dynamic website designing

Its more costly than static website, at least this is true at initial stage or at development, if you have a too tiny budget then don’t go for it but remember A Cheap Website Performs Bad & Costs High In Later Days.

Let’s underrstand durability! website! Durability????? ok lets tell you a real experience.

How our website designing company  manage this situation – We got a website lead from Nirman Vihar, New Delhi few months back. They wanted to promote their website. When they tried to do it, Google rejected it, paid campaign was rejected. We did some research the reason was common, that website was hacked.

When we searched it on google, meta title was in Chinese/Japanese Language and clicking this website was routing us to another website. That means when we clicked this website on google, some other websites were opening. Trust us this is a every 3rd-4th website story which was not secured. Customer asked to solve this problem and we cleaned his website successfully.

Sometimes customers use unsecured way or half secure way of making their website, which become worthless so soon. We call a Secure website is a Durable website. Making things in your budget is not bad but without knowing things if you avoiding something, it definitely gonna harm.

This is not only website in India. We meet people everyday whose websites are suffering with such problems. We recommend to make a right website, unnecessary budget shrinking means you will not buy real things & important things. As a result website will be black listed in search engines, never rank, give bad impression. You should better be happy for not having a cheap website.


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