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Project Description

Ecommerce website development & designing service in Delhi

Our eCommerce website development company in Delhi offers a wide range of eCommerce websites. We design all types of eCommerce websites. These websites are equipped with payment gateway, product management for admins & vendors, order creation module for buyers where they can add, remove, cancel orders. A buyer can see the status of his order. For an admin of website there are a lot of options like creating inventory, managing products & users, managing accounts etc. We design eCommerce website in a way that gives automation to your online shop.

We design a lot of types of eCommerce websites. This web development depends on your business model where you tell us which eCommerce website development you want to go for.

We take 2 types of eCommerce website development projects.

  1. Single vendor eCommerce website development & designing
  2. Multi vendor eCommerce website development & designing

Single vendor eCommerce website development

In this ecommerce website development model we design websites for people who has their own products to sell. Single vendor eCommerce websites are like Myntra, Kooves etc for example. In single vendor website :

  1. Customer must have his own products to sell
  2. He will be admin of complete stock
  3. There will be 2 panels, first is for website admins where they manage products, orders & second is customer panel where customers can order & track down their order status

Multi vendor eCommerce website development

Multi vendor eCommerce websites are designed in a way where website owner is not the only person who sells products. May be there are other vendors who want to sell on his websites. In most of the cases admins in these websites just want to manage sellers & buyers. Amazon & Flipcart are  best examples of such websites.

  1. Sellers & admins can upload the products
  2. There will be 3 panels, first for admins, second is for sellers who own actual products & third is customer panel
  3. Other than normal eCommerce features there are some addon features too.

Our website designers are best & experience in designing such eCommerce websites.

Offered Features in eCommerce website development

In regular eCommerce websites (both types), there are some common features like payment gateway integration, stock management, one click product creation, order management, user management for admins, order creation & cart default options for buyers, additional features in eCommerce development by our website designing company are –

  • Order creation
  • Order cancellation
  • Refund option
  • wishlist etc.

Other than a normal informative website these websites work for selling products online & we have designing & development expertise in this.

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