Is one page website designing worthy? Why yes, when & vice versa.

Is one page website designing worthy? Why yes, when & vice versa.

When One page website designing & the only page you want?

One page website designing consequences & benefits : Expert opinion.

One page website designing idea can save your lot of money, how you can reap buyers & reduce consequences to make your website a business machine. One page website designing idea, expert web designer opinion, check consequences & benefits. Read before you draw your website project to a dramatic end.

First of all, we analyze why do you want One page website? Then we tell you when it will be successful or what you need to do to make your one page website successful.

You might have some questions-answers right? well! if you decided it then these are possible situations and “probably only situations” where your online business effort is going to be successful.

Bad thing is one page website SEO is hard, so if you want to promote this website later than this is hard to do. But there are a few good things too. In a One page designing your cost goes low. Before we go ahead, we try to figure it out why you want a one page website & here we go.

Why you might want a one page website?

There might be thousand reasons, there might be unknown reasons too. We will try to look at deep & find why you might want a 1 page website.

Probably this might be part of your mighty strategy

Planning to design a one page website means you have something in your mind already, if you are not sure then think this twice because with few things you love (Money Saving etc.), you may have some bad impacts too. The hidden strategy is the only thing that gives you upper hand here, so if its missing then plan it.

When single page website designing can be good, in general?

Here are few points where one page website designing comes as a good idea. If you are one of those who are implementing this then you must read this.

Single page website designing is cost less : Ofcourse, if you are going to design just one page this saves your money. It’s a small project & you don’t need more pages, simply a single page website is enough for you.

It’s good to have one, better than having nothing : If you don’t have a website yet & you don’t have money to make a website then this may be another reason to start a website at least, it gives good impression when it’s printed on your card.

Having a single page website means a quick execution your decision : If you are lingering on your decision of making a website with some fund related issues then this is quickest executable idea you can start with. Why mentioning this, because this is often seen almost 99.999% people love to have a website. They just ignore because of some fund related issues. Who says, he don’t need a website? You know in deep of your minds everyone needs it. If you haven’t read my old article “No website means no business, why?”

One page websites needs less website designing time : First you purchase a domain name, then you purchase a hosting propagation may take upto 6-48 hours. Once this is done, most common website are done within one day. So from 1-3 days you can get your website working.

One page website design, can give better mobile experience : A single page website design may give your mobile visitors some better user experience, In reference of India, people in travel may face slow internet connections, sometimes less or no network. So this is good for these users because there is no other page to click. If page is loaded once then your user will have all the information on your website.

If you get a single page website designed, there are few consequences too.

With such efforts there are always some consequences. We are discussing this part too.

Hard to do SEO : This is hard to promote this single page website with SEO. Actually getting a single page website is not that hard but if you want promotion of this website then it’s hard to do it. You cannot make a good keyword no. profile. There will be very specific and few keywords.

Less impressive website : However it’s better to have nothing, if you have just one page website designing idea – Impression will not be like a standard website, so if you make such sized website then there is no problem. Just get it updated once you have funds.

Content lack details if you get single page website design : Ofcourse, you cannot elaborate everything in your one page website designing idea because if you do so, it will increase your page load time & it will make website scrollable a lot.

Everything cant be in-front of website visitor : What do you want to show first, contact form (because you want inquiries)? but you want to show your work too so you write your work profile in first row. In this condition you cant place phone nos & other detailed information in same very first row. So for what should come first, you need to be specific & limited.

Conclusion of One page website designing plan : One page website designing idea has few good & few bad things with it. you decide whatever you want. But this is true, its good to have one rather waiting and not having any. Once you get website designer you will cost less but as i said your impression will not give you customer response quality. As a website designer in Delhi we get multiple inquiries in a day. People are running without knowing anything. If you read this then now you will understand what is good and what is bad in single page website designing.

Despite of complication, how to make one page website lead generating.

Make a group of websites, each product for one website. Connect your websites together with a central index website. Promote your parent & child websites. This solution is effective at 75% cases. Before applying it talk to your promotion manager.

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