Never change niche of your website content for traffic greed

Never change niche of your website content for traffic greed

When a website is new, website owners are anxious to see their website on top ranking of website. Theoretically this is common thing that almost everybody do. Everyone wants to see website on top google rankings. The major problem that come around is greed fo traffic & ranking. Yesterday i was looking the content people posted on Youtube. Due to lack of the will of some Youtubers just give superficial knowledge because everybody is not concern about his audience.

In this article we are discussing some useless practices with SEO that leads to loose targeted audience. A targeted audience is the particular internet crowd that is your actual market. Where you show your website pages & sell your products.

Why people need web traffic to rank their website

Search engines like bing, google etc has a basic thumb rule to identify the website’s ranking on search engines, this is type of crowd. Based on their behavior google & other search engines show pages to them. Like you searched for a website designer in Delhi, then it will be saved on google servers somewhere from your unique IP. Google, Bing & other search engines find these people fall in this category & if your website comes in that particular product category the google includes your website’s page into their results.

More traffic helps you to rank better, it increase your page value, CTR & other important factors but if you leave your niche then you get unorganized traffic. This unorganized traffic from different categories increase your DA but the major drawback is, it changes your website’s genre in in search engine books & you stop getting target website visitors.

How people are currently making their website?

People make website without goals:

Portals like & others have some specific goals of making websites, some people prefer making web page on such portals. The reason behind this they are not farsighted if they are not working on their own websites that can be more fruitful.

There are other kinds of people who don’t find these portals suitable for their business, may be its because in their category portals don’t work much or for another reason of cost of membership, but not having websites is a sin, moreover a website without a goal is a bigger sin today.

Some website needy people are smarter, they make website with a goal.

What does website goal means?

It means you need instant business leads or branding for a long time that start giving you leads after a lot of work, time & patience on your website. Straightly, branding is not about giving you leads instantly but it gives you high value leads after 6 month or later. Branding is a permanent business solution vice-versa instant leads gives you funds.

It may sound instant leads are better option than branding through website, but just rethink, instant leads are costly & never a permanent solution. The moment you stop fund flow to your lead generating campaign, your leads stops coming instantly, branding is it’s opposite, once it’s created you continue get leads because people trust you.

In such points of views Google Adword is an instant solution & website’s branding through SEO is a long term solution.

Back to the point,

People make their website goal & design their websites like this.

Where is the problem then?, After a lot of work your website is not ranking & this is the problem, you are not able to find-out the reason. So you start overdoing things.

Like the title of this page, Never change niche of your website content for traffic greed. Website designing companies & SEO companies starts blogging.

So far we know website designing should have a goal where you shouldn’t leave your writing niche. It’s important for your long term website promotion goals.




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