If the face of SEO changed for google, SEO companies should know this trend

If the face of SEO changed for google, SEO companies should know this trend

Observing 200 results everyday we analyzed Goolge has changed in 2019, this is a new or old updation whatever you call it but that’s true, it is not surprising but expected. In 2018-2019, changes shaked SEO world and changed oldest methodology of promotions via SEO.

But how? What are changes?

Remember my last post? End of Spamming, if you haven’t read it yet then you should go for it. We all know the fact why google removed it’s old public url submission tool. Seo companies which were based on doing black hat SEO has no purpose to exist, In delhi, we got many businesses which were based on these black hat SEO techniques like Tech Support, Tour and travels, Medical products everything got a hard hit.

Why we talk about SEO companies in Delhi, this is same for everyone, in India or out of India, but here we will not talk about my old Viral Posts but i will talk about solutions we have today.

Again google is planning something form 28th march 2019, if you have visited your webmaster tool, so all we have today.

1- We can submit URL only for those websites WE OWN.

2- New URL Inspection tool is launched.

3-After keeping an eye on changing results we found results again shuffled for 200+ Keywords until 20 pages.

4- Google is continuously filtering old pages which were on top, due to duplicate content for same 2 pages.

Actually on big websites and on blog it’s hard to determine pages presenting almost same content sometimes, and this confusion makes google to think which url should rank, in this confusion ranking of both pages drops or I should say doesn’t improve. Mostly this is happing with ecommerse websites & blogs.

Page length – 

Page length seems less important for google today, but intelligent google algorithms are able to find useful content. We remember in previous days when SEO companies were following yoast and other tools with closed eyes.

Tools like aherf and Alexa –

The quality of back-links matters more here, it’s not 2000-2010, when More Links meant to obtain good ranking, thats an old day story, i will write another article in my next post about this, but all we are using is just for pleasing google, but it seems Google is Angry bird today and smashing old SEO techniques and old ways of promotions.

If you like this article and need any SEO suggestion write us like you always do, don’t be shy ! Efforts must be there. Results must be there.

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