Google can see you even in bathroom, nothing is private- An Seo company says at christmas.

Google can see you even in bathroom, nothing is private- An Seo company says at christmas.

You think you are smart, you can cheat google, forget it. If you are a Digital marketer or an ordinary customer who is planning for a website which can give you results can increase your sales, we emphasize again- Google can see you in bathroom and nothing is private.- An SEO company in Delhi says it on Christmas.

Why this information is useful

If you are a customer and let’s say at any day, any SEO or a digital marketing company comes to you ans say the are the Grandfather of google, i suggest never believe them, there is nothing in this world called magic, it’s too powerful to tame.

In my case i care Delhi and NCR- Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Sonipat, Bahadurgarh, for SEO point of view i am mentioning only these places due to typing limitations, we provide our SEO services around the world, we work in India, Germany, UK, US, and in many cities worldwide, actually we are providing IT services worldwide.

If you are an SEO Marketing artist then also i suggest you to believe in this and then work, this will increase your SEO success ratio.

Coming back to SEO point

In today’s world we are using a lot of google products everyday and cannot imagine life without is, today google is not limited to your computer. Primary products are like this-

Google eye on your phone-

You are using a phone with Android, you use apps, gmail id, messages, calls everything is under one eye of google.

Today when i think about Google i imagine a character from Thor movie- HAIMDALL, who can see everything, i think only he can be a better search engine than google.

SEO company in Delhi or world- nobody can predict algithm

Google Chrome- The Guard at your service

Google stores all data and related information to their servers, you cant stop it, if you use google chrome, we guess, there are a lot of chances you are under the Guard’s Eye.

Google map

No matter where-ever you google keeps an eye on you and stores Your Location, so they know your walking pattern too.


There is nothing hidden for google they know everything.

So what to do?

Should we stop using Internet? I am not saying this.

Should we stop doing SEO? No, because we think the definition is change for SEO in 2019, today it is all about doing ethical things, about true intentions.

What an Indian SEO company should do?

The SEO in India is misunderstood by many rumors, you should avoid it, do what you believe is right and this is only key to success in SEO, either in Delhi or anywhere else

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