Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to website designing & online promotions are answered here. We try to cover all the most asked questions, still if you want, you can ask us on given no.

What is a website?2020-06-17T19:27:38+05:30

What is a website?

A website is a combination of pages hosted with a domain or subdomain over internet with a goal of presentation of work, person, place etc. It can present anything & collect bunch of information that a website owner wants to present. Websites may be private or public both.

Websites are popular because their cost effectiveness. Websites are cheaper than cost of general promotional printing. It’s better graphics & impactful animations makes it a smarter choice today.  As definition, a set of related web pages pointed with a single domain name. Reference

What time it takes to design a website?2020-06-17T19:28:44+05:30

What time it takes to design a website?

For 5-10 page websites details are as follows –

Work Size <=> Time size

CMS website development time = PHP Theme based designing time = Dot Net development time

2-8 days for small & medium size websites, 15 days for a bigger website & a couple of months may be for a customized website. Without knowing website size, nobody can estimate website designing time.

What are popular types of websites?2020-06-17T19:29:31+05:30

What are popular types of websites?

Most popular website designs are available right here, depend on business model & budget customers can choose the type of website. You would listen the following terms for website in general.

  1. Static websites – A simple website created in HTML & popular codes
  2. Dynamic websites – Website that communicates, there may be certain dynamic features in a website
  3. eCommerce websites – You can sell on these website
  4. Multi-vendor eCommerce websites – Like amazon, multiple sellers sells on one website
  5. Single-Vendor eCommerce websites – Like myntra, one seller sells to customer
  6. Listing Websites – A business listing website to show details of listed members
  7. Blogging websites – You can share information, get traffic. Generally for advertisement revenue model.
  8. Websites for SEO – Websites that can be promoted on search engines, regular updates are must on website, on static websites SEO is possible but regular updates on website may increase your costing like hell so they are not fit for this
  9. CMS website – There are CMS, they use popular languages the difference is with simple click code takes place so they are faster built.
  10. Open Source- CMS & Languages are open for public contribution, they are call open source.
  11. Responsive websites- These websites takes shape according to the device in use.

All website types are popular, one website type may have other feature too. For example a CMS website may be a open source website & responsive website too.



What are static websites?2020-06-17T19:34:31+05:30

What are static websites?

static website contains Web pages with fixed content. These are calendar typed website which prints once in a year, these pages are developed on very popular HTML & other codes. These websites are cost effective but if website size is big then it will cost very very high.

In a website there may all pages be static & a few. Depend of requirement developers take decisions. Depend on budget owners take decision to make such websites.

Best definition of a static website can be found on wikipedia – A static web page is a web page that is delivered to the user’s web browser exactly as stored, in contrast to dynamic web pages which are generated by a web application. Wikipedia

What are dynamic websites?2020-06-18T21:10:34+05:30

Dynamic WebsiteDynamic websites contain Web pages that are generated in real-time. in simple words a website that can communicate is a dynamic website. Such website designs make a real-time difference for every website visitor for different purposes. Website which sells product are good regular example of dynamic websites we see in general world.

11 points why dynamic websites are better –

  1. Dynamic websites converts customers better.
  2. Dynamic websites  needs a lot of planning before development.
  3. They are more revenue oriented models.
  4. Dynamic Websites offers better usability.
  5. For better user experience dynamic websites are good.
  6. These websites can generate real-time pages.
  7. Dynamic websites can give your website more engagement.
  8. Better engagement with dynamic pages keeps your website bounce rate low.
  9. Dynamic websites handle location-wise queries with some APIs like google map.
  10. Load-time can be handled easily in such websites or easily manageable.
  11. You can expect better SEO for these websites

For more information wiki


What are CMS based websites?2020-05-15T21:01:10+05:30

Will let you know with example: You know php is used to design a website, they managed it in a way you dont need to write code like it was in year 1995. Here you just click a button and code takes its place this is what a CMS do.

Such kind websites are very popular because updation is very fast in them. Where in 1995 you used to write code and one by one you place them on notepad, it used to take more than a month to create a normal 4 page website. Time is changed not in one month we can make many websites. So website came in reach for everyone. It is why internet got that popular in India. Because anyone is hiring website designer & get the website designed.

How easy to edit website in a CMS?2020-05-15T20:55:28+05:30

If your website is on CMS then content management goes so simple. Click upload button then save button. & content is live.

What is an ecommerse website?2020-05-15T20:53:51+05:30

Cybertooth Incorporation offers ecommerse websites. We are expert in it. Our website designers can create it in small notice. These websites are best if you don’t want to invest a lot in inventory. if you don’t know what are ecommerse website:

eCom websites are websites which do product listing like a common eCommerce website. In such website there are 2 types of panels.

1- Admin panel: From where website owner can add/delete new seller, can sell directly, can do anything in the list

3- Buyers panel: Buyer need a panel too, to cancel, return, refund & track the order

So there are 2 types of panels in it.

For example: Myntra & Koovs  are these types of websites, You can upload & sell products directly online

It’s a popular & successful website model. Our team of designers makes the navigation smooth and practically right so that your sales won’t get hampered due to technicalities.

What is multivendor ecommerse website?2020-05-15T20:48:10+05:30

Cybertooth Incorporation offers ecommerse multivendor websites. We are expert in it. Our website designers can create it in small notice. These websites are best if you don’t want to invest a lot in inventory. if you don’t know what are multivendor website:

Multi vendor websites are websites which do product listing like a common eCommerce website but they can add other people too to sell products on their websites. In such website there are 3 types of panels.

1- Super admin panel: From where website owner can add/delete new seller, can sell directly, can do anything in the list

2- Sellers Panel: A third party vendor can sell products, to do this he need to register on your multivendor website. After it he can upload, and manage his product, sale & delivery.

3- Buyers panel: Buyer need a panel too, to cancel, return, refund & track the order

So there are 3 types of panels in it.

For example: Flipcart & Amazon are these types of websites, they don’t sell directly. Other sellers are registered in it and they do it.

It’s a popular & successful website model. Our team of designers makes the navigation smooth and practically right so that your sales wont hamper hue to technicalities.

What is an online listing protal?2020-05-15T20:38:34+05:30

Cybertooth Incorporation offers website designing for listing portals. This is a type of website where you can find business listing. If you are interested to make such kinds of websites we are the experienced website designers offer such huge website with proper navigation & ROI models. If you still want to know about these website check for popular web listing potals like: Indiamart, Tradeindia, collegedunia etc. This kind of websites are listing websites.

What is cost for website designing?2020-05-15T20:33:25+05:30

Website designing cost is a variable thing but in general you can select any plan or ask us about them. Check our website plans & pricing.

In case you would like to know cost deciding factors at website designing this is a link you should check.

What are common pages in a website?2020-05-15T20:29:16+05:30

Homepage, About us, Contact Us are common pages you can ask from your website designer, other mandatory pages are your product names. But you can adjust them on one page or you can ask us to create separate page for each product or service.

For SEO we recommend separate page for separate product from website promotion point of view.

What are limits in theme based designing?2020-05-15T20:24:44+05:30
  • In any condition header part of website cant change.
  • Template will be selected by client from millions of available templates.
  • Designing will be on as-it-is basis, but you can remove the sections you don’t need. demo pages are too big & everyone don’t need everything.
  • After upload template will not change because changing template means a lot of Developer time to change content structure into new frames of new template.
What is custom website designing?2020-05-15T20:15:37+05:30

Custom designing is different from template based designing. We do predefined custom work at custom designing cost. A normal website may take approx 1 month of dedicated work. So if we are working on only your website for 1 month then it’s is costlier than a template type of website.

What are our website designing policies?2020-05-15T20:12:32+05:30
What is a FAVICON?2020-05-15T20:07:49+05:30

This is favicon:

For a website branding & SEO a favicon is must. Check it here:


What is retina ready logo?2020-05-15T20:00:12+05:30

When you want a website, you want to see your branding awesome. Retina logos are for high end devices like Samsung & apple. With this feature website analyze the device ability to show retina logo and it shows a retina logo on it instead of normal logo. Generally a double sized logo used for this purpose.

How website designing companies estimate website cost?2020-05-15T21:14:31+05:30

Website designing companies estimates work cost by calculating a lot of factors, before making a website a client can understand how typical is to calculate.

Domain: If you buy a domain then it’s ok. If domain is from developer side then it will be included in costing. this may range from 600 to 900, its a variable cost that depends on the day you buy. Everyday price changes and GST is applicable on it. Website designer cant make it so like you they have to buy it from any company, godaddy is one of them.

Hosting: Website designer cant make it so like you they have to buy it from any company, godaddy is one of them. Hosting

What is contact form on website’s contact page?2020-05-15T19:27:17+05:30

A contact form is a form available on contact page or any other page, your buyers can fill it, when they click send. The details goto your email id (Professional email ID on your domain) like: info@YourWebsiteName.com.

Replace YourWebsiteName with your domain name, & this email will open in webmail interface. To know more about emails click this.

What is responsive website designing?2020-05-15T18:47:36+05:30

Website’s responsiveness means, website is an intelligent website that calculates the display area of particular device (Mobile, laptop, desktops) so that content will show up correctly.

Responsiveness means website can change it’s display style on different devices. The common misunderstanding comes when a user thinks responsiveness works 100%, however the truth is it’s almost 99% responsive may happen but  1% chances are still there if you got  a new device with a new display resolution or a new device is invented with a new resolution area then what would happen.

Over all, responsiveness goal is to display all your content, designing may vary depend on device.

What are banners & sliders in website?2020-05-15T18:33:54+05:30

When we design website, on first page generally we put 4 big images, moving & animating. We call them home page sliders or banners.

Our website designing company ensures sliders can present the nature of business very well, so in general all the images are created by us for your website are customized.

What are Email ID limitations?2020-05-15T18:28:54+05:30

We create websites & we offer you hosting with us. Your emails share same hosting space with website. for example you have .5 GB emails + .5 GB is your website size will occupy 1 GB in hosting. if your hosting is 1 GB size, you cant upload anything in it. Either you need to delete emails or you have to delete images.

  • It will use webmail interface.
  • We will provide credential, but outlook is not supported by us because this is not website designing part & never offered. Same thing for mobile email syncing, we will provide credentials only. If you want it 200 rs per email will be charged separately for mobile & for outlook as well.
  • Any third party email service cant be a replacement.
  • We do not buy gmail professional services for you, you buy it if you cont want webmail, we will integrate, support will be available.
  • Gmail syncing has an additional one time cost of 200 rs per email and need to pay as advance.
What is blogging feature?2020-05-15T18:17:48+05:30

These are also a kind of websites with discussion section, social media websites like facebook & twitter are micro blogging websites. Your last update will be on top.

What is SEO2020-05-15T18:06:29+05:30

Search Engine optimization or SEO is a way to make website quality better & better. This is a continuous process. Not just your website but external links to your website refer to website promotion health.

There are many search engines, everybody wants if his product which name is A is searched, his website should come top of the search results because if his website on 7th page, no body will check his website & he will loose business enquirer.

For Example: You are a camera manufacturer and you want business. So once a buyer search google for Camara, you would like to have your website on top of results, because buyers don’t go on last page. Being top on it is called search engine promotion.

There are 2 ways of doing this

  • Paid
  • Free

In paid you pay search engine, so that they can place you on POSITION NO 1. Obviously they do it but you need to pay high. Top 3 results are paid results

But there are other 10 results too starts from POSITION NO:3,4,5,… & SO ON

These are SEO results. You are not paying google but you are on first page.


What are SEO compatible websites?2020-05-15T17:57:20+05:30

These website are able to handle SEO activities faster. SEO compatible websites are website that can be optimized later. The level of optimization ensures if it is just optimized or Onpage optimized for SEO.

A raw form of website that can be optimized later is called SEO compatible website.

What are SEO optimized websites?2020-05-15T17:54:34+05:30

Website that is optimized for search engines is called SEO optimized website, only a SEO compatible design can be optimized.

It can be divided into 2 parts:

  • Image optimization
  • Text Optimization

It is near to onpage optimization but obviously has a difference.

What are website handover policies?2020-05-15T17:50:25+05:30

At some day for any reason if you want website to get handover to you we will provide it in any of 2 formats only mentioned below :

  • .Tar.Gz or Zip+Database, these are universally accepted formats, no other unpopular way of delivery is possible.
  • It will be delivered through email only, you need to download it. We do not upload it anywhere.
  • Before getting website handed over you need to clear all dues on immediate basis.
  • An additional migration fees for rs 1000/- INR will be charged for this additional work that was never in list.
  • Websites below 12000 costing at first year will not be handed over & at least 2 year of lock will be applicable.
  • Static websites below this 12000 rs. are transferable after an additional charge of Rs. 3000 & 2 year lock will be applicable on it too.
  • SSL is not a deliverable item technically, we want but we cant.
  • Our Google map api will be removed, but actually you don’t need it. Any person who is developer can add his own Google map API.
What are domain purchses requirement?2020-05-15T16:39:37+05:30

There is no domain purchase requirements, you can purchase your domain yourself by going online. We can guide you but only if you have booked our services already.

  • Old Domains are better for SEO
  • Domain that includes your nature of work is good for promotion
  • There is nothing called good-bad in domain extensions, no matter you buy.in, .com or whatever. However >org domains are good for organizations like schools, .edu is also a school domain.
  • For companies & services you can buy .com, .in or .co.in, there is nothing good bad in this. Even google is using google.co.in
What will be your declarations?2020-05-15T16:32:47+05:30

What will be your declarations when you get website designed for you?

By opting our service you declare the data is provided by you is legal and you are going to use this website in ethical manner. Either domain is bought by you or on-request we bought it. All responsibility of website will be owned by you only, Cybertooth Incorporation, It’s owners, employees or associates will not be responsible for anything that is wrongly mentioned on your website. All the information we put on website is based on your data only so we can’t take responsibility of your work in any manner. If your work doesn’t come under legal boundaries then we ask to stop your services yourself.

What data we need from you for website designing?2020-05-15T16:15:48+05:30

What data we need from you for website designing?

As a website designing company we need to collect some data before designing, we don’t need a fully organized data. Slight information will work for us:

  • A brief introduction of your company in your words
  • Year of establishment
  • Type of company (proprietorship/ PVT.LTD.)
  • Nature of business (Manufacturer/supplier/service provider/ social service etc.)
  • Your logo in transparent PNG file, bigger size will be appreciated
  • Your Address for website
  • Telephone Nos. on website
  • Email ID on website
  • If you have images, then arrange them in a folder, Product images must be renamed with that product’s name because we don’t know your product.
  • Office google location (If it is not on google map, we will add it and map will reflect in your website) ##If this feature is in your plan

You can send this information via whatass/mail, no particular format is needed for website designing data.

What are our website-logo related policies?2020-05-15T16:06:05+05:30
  1. Professional Logo designing service available at low cost, We have a separate team of graphic designers who design logos, catalogs & visiting cards.
  2. We don’t make free logos with website plans. In 99% cases customer give us because he already has it.
  3. People who do not have logo can order us to design based on logo designing rate at that day.
Where we provide website designing services?2020-05-15T16:01:41+05:30

We are an easy approachable website designing company in Delhi. We provide our website services to Delhi & it’s NCR – Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad & Sonipat. Out of Delhi we work in many other states like – Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Himanchal Pradesh, Ladakh, Uttaranchal, Assam, Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra.

We are frequent website designers in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Sonipat, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ladakh, Amritsar & Lucknow

Out of country we have our footprints in England, Singapore, Russia, Newzealand, Taiwan, China, USA, Denmark etc.

What is website hosting?2020-05-15T15:52:37+05:30

Website designing is based on hosting. Hosting that is sometime called servers, is a harddisk on a computer that is open 24/7 somewhere in the world. Your website files are saved on it. Like a normal computer it has it’s ram, space, operating system & other resources. Its mandatory like a domain, because you cant make a website without hosting. Domain alone cant do anything, domain is not a website. That is a pointer that send your visitor on that peculiar computer.

Why we cannot make website without a hosting?2020-05-15T15:47:40+05:30

When you want to design a website this is a must know thing, Website is a combination of 2 primary things

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting (Some times reffered with servers)

Domain name is just a name or a pointer you can say. when it it clicked, hitted or get entered it points to a server. The server serves all the files on that page, it shows images, texts, frames, containers everything that is data or a frame to show it. Hosting behaves like a computer, actually this is a 24/7 open computer, located somewhere in the world where all your website file are saved. Once someone shows interest in your domain by hitting it. it opens related files on it.

If there is no hosting that means no server, it also means your your website is saved no where. In such situation when a visitor hit enter, no tile will show up.

Domain alone is nothing, hosting alone is nothing too. If you need a working website then hosting in compulsory.

What is Disk space in hosting?2020-05-15T15:39:43+05:30

When you design a website, you use hosting, every hosting has a space, it’s like a hard disk where all your website & emails are saved. Our website designers can give you idea about hosting size you need. As hosting size increases pricing will increase too.

Difference between hosting charges & AMC charges2020-05-15T15:29:04+05:30

A website designing company must be transparent, not only for this year we want to clear things for next year too. Hosting ensures your website is running on our servers. We just charge for hosting next year these are mandatory charges.

What is hosting?

At first year hosting is added in our website designing plans, you don’t need to. But next year when renewal comes you pay just for hosting. Hosting is like a hard disk on your computer where your all data is saved, like your website text, images, pdf & sometimes videos. You are using hosting that means you are using someone else’s computer to save your files. Once a website visitor want to see your file (websites). He enters your domain name that gives address of this computer & website gets open. Sometimes this is called server too.

If you are going to use this server, it’s ram, its electricity to run it. You need to renew this.

Hosting renewal charges are normal & too affordable, today on 15/5/2020 when we are writing this, this renewal charge for website is 3500 only.

What we do in Hosing charges?

  • File management
  • Permission management
  • Email management
  • Database management
  • Backup management
  • Website working assurance
  • Add/Remove/Change your phone numbers

We do not make any change in website under hosting

AMC CHARGES (Not a compulsory thing):

  • Works only on customer’s will to take it or not
  • You can add 2 more paegs
  • Add/remove content on your pages in 2 months
  • If you give images we change them also on your website

## its upto client’s will if he want to purchase website AMC or not, else hosting is enough to run his website, At first year AMC is included in the pricing. Both things are considerable next year based on your decision.

After sales service is our specialty. We care your website like anything. We design website & later we ensure you the best. Our transparency is our biggest sales tool. That is why for more than a decade cybertooth inc still stands.





What we cover under AMC of website?2020-05-15T15:01:26+05:30

All kinds of hosting management are covered under it:

File Management

Bug & Error Management (If we developed website, not applicable if you have your website already and hosted on our servers)

  • Permission management
  • Email Management
  • Database management
  • Backup management
  • Security Maangement
  • You can add/remove 2 pages in a year
  • Can change your text once in a month
  • Add/remove/change phone nos additionally

If you want slight changes on your website like changing name, address & phone nos. we will do this

What we do not cover in website AMC?2020-05-15T15:35:33+05:30

AMC means technical AMC. We do not make changes into your website. AMC is for your hosting management, file management, backup management, Permission management, User management, Website Security & anti hacking management, email management only.

Till now you know after website designing what we cover in your website AMC

We do not create more than 2 pages in AMC. To get it done particular charges will be applicable.

Don’t add dynamic features in it, to get it done particular charges will be applicable.

We do not cover any other product cost like domain etc, AMC means AMC that is – Annual Maintenance cost for website designing. This is not compulsory to buy, if you think you don’t need any changes, content addition or deletion then you don’t need to buy it vice versa you want some changes time to time on your website then this is for you. The benefit of taking AMC is to get this content updation under your AMC charges only. You dont need to pay additional for it.

AMC never means website redesigning, under points you can avail this service, in faqs all details are available. Read all answers are in FAQ. Still if you dont find anything, you can mail us on info@cybertoothindia.com

What if you have a website & want to host?2020-05-15T14:50:18+05:30

We need complete files in tar.gz format. if it is not a full backup. You can send us main zip file and database separately. We can upload it to our servers after financials are done completely. In such cases we upload files on as it basis. It must not have virus in it & we do not provide changes in design if you just asked hosting. Hosting will be given to you as normal hosting charges. All other editing charges will apply only if you want us to make changes in your website.

What is SSL2020-05-15T14:45:11+05:30

SSL works like a channel or encryption system between your browser & web server. Do you know HTTP://, in many websites instead of HTTP:// they use HTTPS://. ‘S’ means secured.

Did you see a lock before your bank’s website URL? See the image below you would understand it yourself.

The website that dont have this lock, they will show NOT SECURE written here.

  • SSL is not a free stuff
  • It’s not DIY, Homemade. Hosting companies sell it so designers have to buy it from them. Website designing companies buy it or customer directly can buy it from the link below.
  • See godaddy link of buying SSL, their cost is per month, please check if you want to.


Why SSL is mandatory these days?2020-05-15T14:31:13+05:30

Please see the image below first:

Do you see this lock? in 2016 google made one update in it’s browser CHROME. Website who do not have SSL will show NOT SECURE. I believe you have noticed this there are many websites which shows not secure written at the place where you are seeing lock right now.

After Chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox & other browsers started doing same thing. So today your website will show up like this if you have SSL & it is good for your promotion too. If you want to promote your website SSL is mandatory.

How website security is different from SSL?2020-05-15T14:23:37+05:30

Website’s security & SSL are not same. Actually in a manner SSL is just a part among 1000s onthers.

According to Hubspot blog,

SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remain private.

While security of a website is more than a channel between server & browser. Security means security of hosted files, permissions & mail delivery systems.

Hacking is a normal phenomena today, hackers control mail delivery system to generate new email ids so that they can send mails from your website to ensure they are going directly in inbox, not in spam folders. It makes your domain infected, in future you wont be able to send mails to inboxes, it will deliver to spam folders. It can fill your hosting with unwanted emails & your host can stop your website too.

If they dont want emails they target redirection,  once you open your website, it redirects to their website. So they get traffic which do not increase their google rank but it increases their DA & Alexa rank. If their Alexa gets better they get more ads & generates more money. Your google rank will go down, your visitors will go somewhere else, & you will loose your business.

So SSL is different from security, our most websites are equipped with protection system & we are ready for anything happens by chance. In our website designing company we focus on smallest thing that may happen in future & we are experienced in it.

Its a good thing that you reached our website because there are just 5% developers who understand security & are able to apply it on website. Your design will be secured, emails will be under your control & you can promote such kinds of websites. You won’t get google penalties due to hacking etc.

What are benefits of SEO?2020-05-15T13:51:07+05:30

According to Dedrix SEO has a lot of benefits:

  • SEO Leads to Better User Experience.
  • SEO Is a Primary Source of Leads.
  • SEO Brings Higher Close Rates.
  • SEO Results to Higher Conversion Rate.
  • SEO Promotes Better Cost Management.
  • SEO Encourages Local Users to Visit the Physical Store After the Search.
  • SEO Builds Brand Credibility.
  • SEO Helps Establish Brand Awareness.


What time it takes to get website ranked with SEO?2020-05-15T13:48:03+05:30

What time it takes to get website ranked through SEO?

3-6 months depends on competition others are doing in your industry & popularity of keywords. If you just started your website will be on stage zero with no promotion. Initial SEO work is fuel in it. It needs at least one or two month work to cross stage zero.

What is SEO cost?2020-05-15T13:42:44+05:30

We are charging 800 rs per keyword per month at 3 month billing.

How SEO companies like us work?2020-05-15T13:40:15+05:30
  • SEO services strictly comes under SEO policies, no change will be considered after discussion
  • SEO work goes on per keyword basis so it is not necessary to work on all available pages on website, Generally one keyword is bound with a participle page, sometimes 2-3 keyword on one page. For example you want 5 keywords. 3 keywords come on one page rest 2 keywords on 2 other pages. Means on 3 page you get your 5 keywords ranking then we need to maintain these 3 pages only. SEO dosent mean we are working for your limited keywords (like 5 or 10) & work on all pages, no that’s not SEO.
  • Landing page on google might be different from expectations. Some times your website’s another page may rank (there are a few chances of it).
  • SEO service totally keyword oriented not page oriented.
  • Ranking may take upto 3-6 months if you are doing it first time.
  • Look what happens, your website is a newly designed website, you have no internet reputation, this is call stage zero of promotion & you want it on stage 1, then some work is required. For 1 month we ensure all the primary work done to make your website crosses level of optimization. Once it is optimized we work on other stuffs. But if you are new, it may take time to improve.
  • Remember at ranking your website on google, patience matters more than money you spend.
  • If you cross the stage of patience, then you are the winner.
What is google analytic feature in website?2020-05-15T13:20:31+05:30

What is google analytic feature in website?

Google analytic is a tool of google, that analyze traffic on your website. It analyze gender, timings, source, locations & pages too. It records behavior of visitors on your website.

  • You need to integrate this feature to get it’s benefit.
  • This is a third party feature, & services are bound under google policy boundaries.
  • This is not a free feature, not offered with a normal website, it is offered if you bought our SEO Promotion services.
  • If do no not want promotion & want to integrate this feature, then additional charges will be applicable & you need to inform us before 2 weeks when you want this on your website working.

Our website designers try to deliver best google analytic integration service, but as it is a third party product we are bound under google guidelines.


What is google console feature in website?2020-05-15T13:21:19+05:30

Technically, google has it’s rule book to make a better website. Google comes to your websites & find weaknesses. It tells you these weaknesses in google console. Google console tells about area of improvements in your website.

This tool must be integrated with website if you are looking for promotion. But this is also a third party service & any change that google does, we have to accept it. Its not offered with all plans, generally if you want SEO promotion & you come under that web designing plan then we can offer it to you. If want it additionally, then additional charge will come under effect.

What is Google My Business feature in website?2020-05-15T13:21:49+05:30

What is Google My Business feature in website, why website designers integrate it?

Our website designers, are asked to integrate this feature to the websites so that once any content that published on main website can get automatically published on GMB.

What is GMB & benefits of google my business?

Good thing first, The major search engine trust google sites very much, & the reason behind this is google verifies through google my business. Once verification is done google knows your website is a real website, its trustworthy & located on a place which is verified too. So whatever content (if it’s a good content) it is, they show it on priority basis

But the major problem is, All google sites look same, no animation, no aesthetic manner, that means fixed content on fixed frames. neither you like this design nor your buyers like this. Other big problem is buyers stick to a website that looks presentable  so business goes to those websites.

Benefits of GoogleMyBusiness integration on websites you designed with website designer’s help?

Benefits are endless. If you integrate this feature. Whenever you post any new product or services to your main website, it goes to GMB’s Google site. That means double visibility, better promotion & full control.

## please note GMB is a third party service, at the mid of the development if google changes it’s policies & stop integrating or stops GMB completely, we cant provide that feature even if it is in offer list. Please understand this is google product & google can add/remove things into it, our website designers can’t do anything because this is third party service. Being a committed website designing company we try to give our 100% but some external reasons may be responsible sometime.

What are push notification features in website?2020-05-15T13:22:35+05:30

Our website designing company offers push notification in a few cases, a few website designing plans are available. This feature is not a regular feature, specifically this is offered with  few particular plans only.

What is push notification? When you should ask this from your website designer?

(See image) Have you ever seen? this website wants to send you notifications. ALLOW OR DISALLOW?

Yes, that whats exactly it does. When ever you update new content on your website, it can send a popup on your subscriber’s device. Generally you noticed in your computer when you get popup ads even when your browser is not open. Once your device come into internet range it shows pending notification popups.

  1. This is a third party service
  2. It generates extra returning traffic on your website
  3. Some notification are fixed
  4. After third party free notifications finishes, you need to buy more notification
  5. We dont offer notifications
  6. we just integrate services & you consume free notification pack
  7. Once it is finished you need to buy it again, because there is no plan of unlimited notifications.
What is graphic designing?2020-05-15T12:12:18+05:30

Graphic designing is a very broad term, but we answer considering what we do. In website designing graphics is – It’s images. Some are completely created, some created partially & downloaded from internet. At times you can consider videos in it.

We neither shoot nor we edit videos, we just add it to the website depends on plans, in a regular website plan you can ask one video only, if you need more videos then extended plan will be applicable, if customer gives it himself we embed it on website.

How we do catalog designing?2020-05-14T20:48:32+05:30

There are 2 kinds of business catalogs

  1. Online catalogs
  2. Soft copy that you can print for distribution

We create both catalogs.

Online catalogs: These are catalogs or mini dynamic websites with few particular pages : Home, About, Services1,2..& so on, and a contact page. No detailed features are included in this. Generally these websites are small, fast loading, presentable & to the point.

The goal is to create such websites is for presenting different brands on different domains, sometimes different products on different pages. Customers choose multi visibility approach & make many websites linked on the central website they already have. But for definition you can say this is a small business website.

Printed catalog: We do everything, except printing. We create the soft copy that you can get printed later. This work goes on per page basis. Pricing will be done after knowing number of pages. A page means here “One side of page is one page, its back side is second page”.


What are graphics creation limits in web designing?2020-05-14T20:37:20+05:30
  1. Sliders will come on HOME PAGE only
  2. 4 moving sliders will be on Home Page
  3. These 4 Sliders will be inspired by your industry & internet

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