What are Email ID limitations?

What are Email ID limitations?

We create websites & we offer you hosting with us. Your emails share same hosting space with website. for example you have .5 GB emails + .5 GB is your website size will occupy 1 GB in hosting. if your hosting is 1 GB size, you cant upload anything in it. Either you need to delete emails or you have to delete images.

  • It will use webmail interface.
  • We will provide credential, but outlook is not supported by us because this is not website designing part & never offered. Same thing for mobile email syncing, we will provide credentials only. If you want it 200 rs per email will be charged separately for mobile & for outlook as well.
  • Any third party email service cant be a replacement.
  • We do not buy gmail professional services for you, you buy it if you cont want webmail, we will integrate, support will be available.
  • Gmail syncing has an additional one time cost of 200 rs per email and need to pay as advance.

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