Event management website design plan and marketing strategies

Event management website design plan and marketing strategies

Non Bias Event management website design & business tricks.

So you are an event management company.If you are anywhere in Delhi, NCR or any part of India or even out of India too, then this is right place. Here you get the suggestion and ideas of promoting your Event Management service by using your website.

Goal of article

after reading this article event management companies would know how to design a clean and effective website promotion plan, control online marketing & SEO activities, because you care for new customers and only internet can bring you some new customers. You should be agree on this.

Making a website is not enough, you can ask your website designer for suggestions. If you are curious then read completely. Spend time, it’s written non bias, your visit is our earning. if you like please share this article on your facebook page, it will be reward for us.

1# May be some Evene management companies are on some local portals to get event management leads. There are so many websites and local search directories like J***Dial where you get business that brings temporary happiness to you, competition is the biggest part, they distribute leads to many event management companies so you sometimes face a lot of competition in pricing and maturity.

2# Some of you has your own websites designers and realize after making a website you are not getting event management leads. You just made your website because everybody has a website and this is a question of reputation, so there is no hope. Am i right?

3# You get mouth publicity from your old customers and get 1-2 customers with this.

4# If you are thinking a step further you tie-up your company with many banquet halls. and you get leads from there.

& that’s all, but this is a wrong strategy, or i should call you are doing only 5%, so you are getting 5% business. But successful event marketing companies do something extra.


What is right?

Website Designing part you should take care of – 

#Get an easy website panel because probably you would like to upload images on frequent basis.

#Get a video embedding option, you want to upload videos too.

#Make a website that can share your photographs on social media too.

#Make your videos in good quality, mobile videos are not for into this purpose.

# Make SEO friendly website and do some SEO on it.

# Blogging Option in Website and do regular blogging.

# SEO based Navigation that controls your website traffic outflow.

# Do at least monthly traffic analysis in your website.

# Manually share your website– on cards, documents, messages, emails

Above mentioned tasks are primarily to-do tasks you should do for your website, but there are many advance ways also



Promotion part of your company –

#Either use multiple mini-site strategies & use it like a network or keep your website full with location tags where you want to promote your business.

# Dont ignore Google promotion as well as face-book promotion, it will spread awareness.

# make a free account on instagram and pinterest for awareness too.

# Link your event management website with your social media pages.

# Spend little amount with facebook campaign, it will give you targated audiance and you will be able to add all interested people on your social media page.

“Keep remember it’s hard to generate direct revenue and leads from facebook and other social media pages. But this is a procedure. You have to find right people who can promote you, or you have to spend time of many hours in a day. Social Media is not complete promotion itself. but still this will become part of strategy you need. and will help you in another way, how? we tell you, right here. Wait! story has not completed yet “.

# Do competitive research and follow important websites of your industry, what they are doing how they are doing and follow few ideas from there.


GOOGLE PROMOTION & Blogging for event management website : How website designers do it.

Yeah! thats true, blogging is quite good job where you can generate new business for your company, you create new posts, share parts of it in Social Media pages. By adding read more or you fully share your content. There is no problem, you can choose whatever you like, ask this with your SEO company who are managing it for you.

When facebook users click on your facebook ads they ditectly hit your landing page that offers a specific service of event management, like wedding planning or anything.

Here on this page you should create a well designed content with some offers (Consult it too with your favorite promotion company, they know the best alternatively call us we are doing all India basis, Support – +91-9015881882)


We pre-assume you are doing SEO of that page, you get interested traffic from there also, you manage them to navigate at your contact page (Navigation control is important, without this, traffic will move away your event management website)

Now if you get email IDs or Phone numbers then respond them promptly, and restore useless data too. This data is useful later, if you know how to reuse it.


You can use multiple website technique for grabbing more leads in your event management business industry.

As we know event management industry is full with competition, all you use PERSONAL CONTACTS, and this industry is growing continuously. Today we can see rush into it. A person who is employee with your company soon opens his own firm and starts doing business. Nothing wrong into it, this is how new entrepreneur come to the industry and it’s good for customer, but if you want to grow then you  should keep an eye on this. Because if you don’t have a proper website now, it’s like killing your business yourself.

A normal website wont help much, everyone has a website. The only thing you need is “promoted website” and for this you have to devote your own 7-8 hours- If you do it yourself then it’s awesome, or hire someone who can do this for you. We believe if you give 7-8 hours for your website then when you will do your business, you need helping hands practically.

Normally this is seen event management companies and wedding planners decide to do it themselves, but due to no strategic system their promotion fails.

We have seen they go to any website designer and get a website done, they just make it beautiful, but beauty will not make money for you, making just a facebook page will not help you much.

We have seen many of you are working with a facebook pages, Here how you do this – you just shoot a wedding or event with your mobile phone and update it on facebook, then what? just few people (including your own competitors look it and close it, and customers don’t ), not just this, they open your website and just close this, here you increase your website bounce rate, which backfires your website reputation infront of search engines like google, and your website DE-PROMOTES. This means you dont earn but you loose. There is an adage in hindi

खाया न पिया गिलास तोड़ा १२ आना. Did not eat or drink, but 12 cents for the broken glass.

Hope, this article fits for your purposes, search for good website designers and people who can shape your promotion, good luck. For more any suggestion or making your website contact us at 9015881882, or simply fill the contact form instead.



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