Practice approach for deciding right web designing technology for your website

Practice approach for deciding right web designing technology for your website

Deciding best web designing technology for your website.

Deciding right web designing technology for your website means your first step is right. The first step goes right this means you get better control your website, it’s designing & finally digital marketing.

What is practical approach of choosing right website technology?

Practical approach is what suits you individually, I understand market, I understand business so i talk here about your practical technology. I am going here six points & After reading this page you can :

  1. Know Suitable website designing technology for your business.
  2. Know suitable website designing technology for your budget.
  3. Calculate your digital marketing expenses, control them.
  4. Decide your technology.
  5. Decide website designing company.
  6. Approach more customers in low cost digital marketing.

Every business is different :

Suitable website designing technology means it’s different to every business. Regardless differentiating industry to industry, I divide it into budget to budget, nature to nature.

There may be manufacturers, service providers, exporters, whole sellers, retailers, bloggers & small educational institutes.

Every technology is different but purpose is same, selling! :

There are technologies like PHP, Dot Net, CMS like wordpress, Drupal etc.

PHP: This is a very popular technology, people may opt many things into it, either website is core php based or cake based. There are a lot of website developers in the market, many institutes who tech it & server requirement is low. PHP is quick. If you find a real developer in PHP, this website will cost you high. It has low & high both maintenance because easy developer availability but less skills, once you want a custom feature you would see, how difficult to meet it, & how costly it becomes. More developers means less expensive developers for website designing companies.

But that is true for real developers who are rare.

Every year, students come from many institutes for jobs. At initial level knowledge & under supervision they work on website but what would happen if supervisor is at At initial level knowledge. Most of these newbies work on modifications because of complexity of code is a point “where they stuck”.

Experience generated common sense is a big problem.

It’s not about they don’t have common sense, just because they are new, they don’t have experience. These developers have really bright future, they work hard for skill development, after many years of experience their experience increases & they become real php developers.

But what if, before becoming real php developers if they work on your website? It’s going to ruin your business. Just try this, & in future if you get experience like this (in favor or adverse), please comment us. I will make it public. Just prove us wrong.

Real developers costs high, their salaries are high. The project cost become high on which they work. Later


Why CMS like wordpress are too popular? because they are automated. Developed already & you just need to use this pre-written things, costs less because less human involvement.

But, we guess this is not good for big websites initially, server cost goes high in this case but there is one exception.

If you are a medium or a small budget company.

CMS is not so bad to give a kick start, you want website & initiate your business at low cost, if you get medium size customers with your project you can change it for high volume later.

under this case If you are a medium or a big budget company or you  already have 1000-2000 active customers.

Then goto PHP, you get your server cost low. But your project cost will be high

Big budget companies :

They can opt anything, because their budget is high, but don’t stop here you are still expected to read further.

Middle budget companies :

CMS are best to start with, first make customer with a low cost but best functional website, earn from there. Once this is done then move to reduce your server cost because for initial small customers base websites, CMS are able to handle.

Simply when you speak aloud in the market, today in the competitive market in Delhi, there are thousand of guys are making websites, some of them are freelancers, few of them are companies themselves, you start getting calls that “we are the website designing company in delhi, we are website designers, we are web developers”. Few of them offer CORE PHP, few say WORDPRESS, FEW MAGENTO, OPENCART, DOT NET ETC.

but ever you think which one is suitable to you. The major reason of failure of projects is “wrong analysis”, customers do pricing analysis, sorry to say but as per our experience as a website designer, I got rare guys who asked the real question- “What technology you are offering?” or tell this is my budget what should I DO?

I believe customer is not wrong, he does what he can do, he ask pricing, this is what he know all about, he is unaware of aliens like php, java, wordpress, dot net, css & HTML etc.

This is the most common mistake people does choosing the right way.

ou need to market website, if you make your website then you should market it.

no problem if you or your guys can market your website manually or by phone- in this case you have to make a sales and marketing team too because you have to make many calls, send sms or whatsapp, verbal intro to people.

in other hands you can market it with google, using google PPC or SEO


Everything is good but you have to decide what is good for you.

WordPress and other CMS- 

With automation, these CMS fits HIGH, MEDIUM & SMALL


Do you know 97% websites around the world are on wordpress?

Dot net-

This technology is also very good, secured and pretty for website development.

It’s rare & its too good- the reason is availability of developers, everyone is not doing it. so everyone cannot offer it. This is popular and has points like i pointed about PHP.

Maintenance : High

Developer Availability : Rare


Conclusion :

For high budget : You can go for wordpress because of smoothness, server cost in manageable costly. website will work awesome and looks good. If you choose PHP or anything else maintenance will be high.

For medium budget : WordPress reommended, let the customers come, & see how your earning become. Once you earn then there is no problem at hiring EXPERIENCED DEVELOPERS fr php or dot net.

For Small Budget : 

For small website : There is no reason to leave CMS based designing for you. It needs less maintenance, fast project delivery, security (Specially ask your developer to maintain it, because wordpress is secure but developers make it weak by mistake. )

For big websites : GO for wordpress because it costs low, you need less maintenance with it.


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