Custom website designing at low cost, if it’s possible?

Custom website designing at low cost, if it’s possible?

Custom website designing at low cost, if it’s possible or not?

For custom website designing the answer of this question is in Yes & No both. This can be calculated person to person because affordability of every person is different. There is no such thing costly or low cost website designing. Affordability makes sense here.

Before we start, we need to be sure what is custom website designing.

Custom website designing & it’s price:

A custom website is tailor made websites, there are changes you might want according to you. Everyday we meet people referring a website they are impressed with. They want to make like that, but don’t want to copy the whole stuff. According to customers website designer should take idea from one or a bunch of websites and mix the content according to client.

But what gives an impact on price?

Basically, we know 2 things till now 1- Handcrafted 2- Template based designing. Where the handicrafted code percent increases the cost of website will increase.

To understand this we should have a glance at other options too, so you need to understand the difference between handcrafted website designing & template based website designing.

Template based website designing

Generally, people make their websites on templates, there are unlimited reasons of making such websites. Do you know till now there are over a billion templates exist all over internet. Some are free, some of them are premium (Paid).

Unlike, a custom website designed from scratch you don’t make a a template based website this way.

Benefits of templates :

  • Before website is ready, you know what you will get.
  • Designing process is fast
  • Because, there are millions of designs available over internet. Some of them will definitely match your need.

In custom designing :

  • Either you must have a reference website or a PSD design to tell your expectation to website designing company.
  • Designing process is too slow because everything is handicrafted, or it might need big team which work delicately on your projects.
  • If you get dedicated work then you have to meet the costing of human resource involved in it. For example if a website is made within 1 month with 3 developers who will work on your project only for whole month then SALARY OF 3 DEVELOPERS FOR 1 MONTH + profit margin become your website designing cost.

But what are benefits of custom website designing, all described here.

Benefits of custom website designing :

  • Obviously, if you are paying 2-3 developers for 3 months then your website will be out of box.
  • There will be no copy of your website worldwide
  • Website will be designing on your imagination
  • Expectation & satisfaction will match at the end of the day
  • Your special demands will be done in this website designing method

Who should choose template based website designing?

  • Everyone who want to have a good website, can choose template based website designing.
  • Your costing will be low, if you want a website at low price then this option is for you.
  • Your website design will not be the only copy globally, but it will be good enough & meet your needs.
  • You don’t need to pay salary of developers for whole one month for a good design, but template design will not be the only master piece for you. If you find it good for you then you can choose it.

Conclusion of discussion about the difference between templates & custom website design

As custom websites are handicrafted then major drawback of such websites is it’s cost. A template based website is low cost & custom websites may cost high. A template based website may full-fill your regular needs but if you go for custom website then it will become master piece for you. Custom website might need more time & workforce to develop it. Website designers do a lot of work on this. Mentioning an example won’t be exaggeration if we say a person who want to copy a building then he will map & measure every brick of it then ratio wise he will implement it & obviously it would cost high. Vice-versa a person who makes a fresh design, don’t need to measure every brick, he can do it freely also what if this building is already half made like website templates are half designed? then the cost will go down. what is happening in custom website, if it’s not template based website which need to be created from scratch where everything will be according to your wish but every brick will be measured separately. So it’s upto you & your affordability whatever you choose.

Expectation Vs Reality of website designing from a client’s point of view

With the changing time actually a website is no more cheapest thing, increasing marketing performance & competition changed it. In India, most of people don’t know this, here let us tell you what an actual website is. First thing you buy for your website that is – NAME. This is called a Domain Name. This product is international and price fluctuation makes it’s pricing volatile. Few years back it was around 550 rs for an year without TAX. Today it is increased by almost 180%.

Second thing you need to buy which is mandatory is HOSTING. Hosting is a computer hard disk where all your images, text, Videos & emails are saved. Same thing about this too , pricing increased for it too. One more point also makes it important to understand website designing for you is – Hard Disk always has a size. As big space you buy pricing will increase & it will be 1500 rs minimum to 10,000 rs per year without GST.

Third thing that is also compulsory, this is SSL certificate. See the image below. You will understand.

How to Fix the HTTPS "Not Secure" Message in Chrome | InMotion ...

Do you want your website to see like this? Or you want it like below image?

What is an SSL Certificate and why is it a must-have for every ...

You might noticed A lock. Actually few year back google made it compulsory for websites. Without SSL your website will show NOT SECURED. (Google chrome browser is product of google, please make it a point). Other browser are also following google. It is also not a free thing. You have to buy this. When i am writing this Godaddy price is around 4000 per year

Still website designer dosen’t start your work yet

If you are taking services, then being impartial we must say you need to pay them for designing.

Now the designing work is over, are you ready to fight errors & maintenance everyday?

I presume, if you have bees an engineer then you would not ask someone else to make your website. So you are not ready to fight for website maintenance. Then is someone is taking this headache in your behalf then he will ask amount for it.

If you shrink your website needs down according to rumors then you will are not making a good website.

That is why, we say, if you already decided an amount. Web developers will shrink your services, like you might not get good storage for your website. Limited space means you need to upgrade it again because nothing is UNLIMITED in this world. Something must narrowdown your services.

There are cheap hostings who do not provide phone support & via email support your problem will be sorted out within 2-3-4 days, may be sometimes more than it. So can you wait by the time your website is off? If No then you have to take phone support too & such type of hostings will cost you more than a hosting that provide only email support.

There is one fact i want to share again because you already aware of this. Gold cannot cost like brass metal, gold is gold. In this world- everything has it’s own cost & nobody…JUST NOBODY can sell it on unfair discount. Because if seller sell something that mean seller bought that thing or raw material from somewhere else, costing of the seller cant be your buying cost. If he sells it then he is mixing. If you are buying that thing means you are ready to compromise. We love to share information despite knowing this it’s hard to accept. but fortunately or unfortunately everything is right here.

Believe transparency! This is our key of success. We can’t stop informing people because we cant leave our transparency. If you are ready to discuss then dont miss calling us.


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