Custom website designing at low cost, if it’s possible?

Custom website designing at low cost, if it’s possible?

Checking Custom website designing at low cost is possible or not?

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I don’t want to claim anything that is wrong. A custom website is a tailor made website. Usually customers guide website designers from top to bottom.

Because it consume a lot of website development time, may be a month, or two or tree & so on, it costs high. If this time is fully dedicated to you then you should be ready to pay development’s team salary plus website designing company’s service charges.

In 1995, due to lake of tools most websites were handy-crafted so making a website was a far fetched thing for a normal business. Today we have a lot of tools (tools work under fixed system) so website designing is easy these days. Still if you can afford it, nothing is better than custom website designing.

Custom website designing price:

A custom website is tailor made website. You draw a website on a paper & you give this design frame to your website designer. Everyday we meet people referring a website they are impressed with. They want to make something inspired with it.

But what gives an impact on price?

Basically, we know 2 things till now 1- Handcrafted 2- Template based designing. When handicrafted code increases, cost of website also increases.

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To understand this we should have a glance at other options too, so you need to understand the difference between handcrafted website designing & template based website designing.

Template based website designing

Generally, people make their websites on templates, there are unlimited reasons of making such websites. Do you know till now there are over a billion templates exist all over internet. Some are free, some of them are premium (Paid). Making websites on these available templates saves development time & cost of website.

I am giving one instance here, Customer see one website on Internet, he loves it & now he want this website with little changes because he don’t want to copy whole website. He asks developer to do this. For this moment we assume, this is a template based website but neither you know nor your developer knows which template is this, among billions of templates over Internet.

Developer tries to find a similar template, but the customer sticks on his point he wants the same website. Then what would this designer do?

Website designer thinks he need to write code himself to make same website but the problem is, he can’t use tools because there is not any tool to do this.

(NOTE: There are few tools those claims to do this, but they don’t work for all websites. There are many in-depth codes that cant be copied)

So now developer has to make website handy crafted. It is really going to take a lot of time, may be 2 months delicately. The company, where this website designer is an employee works, pays 20000 Rupees per month, & for 2 months this website developer is going to work on just one website so company’s point is, 2 month salary of this developer should come from client side PLUS Cost of resources this project is using PLUS Company’s work margin.

In the above instance straightly 2 month salary become 40,000, now you have idea of costing how it is calculated.

Benefits of templates based designing:

  • Before website is ready, you know what you will get. There are demos available.
  • Designing process is fast
  • Because, there are millions of designs available over internet. Some of them will definitely match your need.
  • Costing is too low rather a custom website.

In custom designing :

  • Either you must have a reference website or a PSD design to tell your expectation to website designing company.
  • Designing process is too slow because everything is handicrafted, or it might need big team which work delicately on your projects. There are processes like developing, designing then testing which need a lot of time.
  • If you get dedicated work then you have to meet the costing of human resource involved in it. For example if a website takes 1 month with 3 developers who will work on your project, then SALARY OF 3 DEVELOPERS FOR 1 MONTH + profit margin become your website designing cost.

But what are benefits of custom website designing, all described here.

Benefits of custom website designing :

  • Obviously, if you are paying 2-3 developers for 3 months then your website will be out of box.
  • There will be no copy of your website worldwide
  • Website will be designed on your imagination
  • Expectation & satisfaction will match exact 100% at the end of the day
  • Your special demands will be done in this website designing method

Who should choose template based website designing?

  • Everyone who want to have a good website.
  • If you want a website at low price then this option is for you, however we don’t know your definition of “LOW COST”, everyone has his own definition.

Conclusion: Difference between templates web design & custom website design

A custom websites are handicrafted then major drawback of such websites is it’s cost where a template based website is low cost. A template based website may fit your general expectations. If you go for custom website then it will become master piece for you. Custom website might needs more development time & workforce.

Mentioning an example won’t be exaggeration if we say a person who want to copy a building then he will map & measure every brick of it then ratio wise he will implement it. Obviously it would cost high.

Vice-versa a person who makes a fresh design, don’t need to measure every brick, he can do it freely. Additionally, what if this building is already half made like website templates are half designed? then the cost will go down.

A custom site is not template based website which need to be created from scratch where everything will be according to customer’s wish but every brick will be measured separately.

So it’s up to you & your affordability whatever you choose.

Expectation Vs Reality of website designing from a client’s point of view

With time today, actually a website is no more cheapest thing, increasing marketing performance & competition added more features in it, if you make website by following all things properly, it will definitely cost high .

First thing you buy for your website that is – NAME. This is called a Domain Name. This product is international and price fluctuation makes it’s pricing variable. Few years back it was around 550 rs + TAX, but today it is increased by approx 900 rs for a .com domain. pricing change on daily basis.

Second thing you need to buy which is mandatory is HOSTING. without this you cant make website no matter you have domain or not.

Third thing that is also compulsory, this is SSL certificate. See the image below. You will understand.

How to Fix the HTTPS "Not Secure" Message in Chrome | InMotion ...

Do you want your website to see like above image? Or you want it like image below?

What is an SSL Certificate and why is it a must-have for every ...

You can see a lock. Actually few year back google made it compulsory for all websites. Without SSL your website will show NOT SECURED.

Transparency is our key of success. We can’t stop informing people because we cant leave our transparency. If you are ready to discuss then dont miss calling us.

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