Covid19 Corona effect on Website designing companies, FMCG & other industries, India

Covid19 Corona effect on Website designing companies, FMCG & other industries, India

Covid19 Corona effect on Website designing companies, FMCG & other industries, India

Sleeping countries would never wake up this month, this is March 2020 when we are writing about covid-19 effect on website designing companies in Delhi. The government announces complete lockdown in the country from the 4th week of march 2020 which is actually the right decision. Coronavirus is not a thing to mess with.

Discussion is not just about coronavirus but the aftereffect of the market that we are concerned about, this is not just a problem of website designing companies but this is more than it. A business, that actually comes in a second category is not actually primary businesses but it’s in demand wise. in this category thousand of graphic designers, SEO experts & website designers come. If we look a bit out of this boundary then we see there are a kind of other businesses like printers, painters, graphic catalog designers, visiting card designers, flex printers, box designers & whole service industry etc. Everyone is in the same boat today. Primarily these businesses seem to be in dark, actually 55% of Indian economy, GDP contribution of the service industry comes from it.

This is the time when we were waiting for a knocking recession only, Corona is here in scene, we cannot estimate the downfall in the Indian economy. The day, when this lock-down would clear, there will be other challenges of re-establishment of collapsing economies globally. This will not be in Delhi only but this will be economic corona for the whole world. Possibly, thousands will be jobless, but like always there are one solutions. Economies of different countries have to work together. This is the time when the world needs kindness, flexibility & spontaneous decision-makers.

On the local level, in cities like Delhi or smaller people should not stop doing business, paying salaries, buying new resources, because this world needs businesses, you need business, even a person who was in a job before corona he needs business. If someone breaks this chain this will go harmful.

Dependent secondary category businesses will get an impact fast. The employment rate will be reduced down like hell because in the case of India IT business & service industry is a backbone. Every year lakhs of students do their etc from different institutes. This is not a fight of recently passed students but this will become a fight for others who were in a job before the Corona effect.

New Students must enhance their knowledge level to compete because less vacancies means more rejection. Website designing companies in India give a lot of job opportunities for such students. But if this shuts down then everyone will be in the stone age of business. This is not just corona but the driving truth.

Other industries – Situation doesn’t seem in favor of other industries too. If they lose hope & stop doing business. No job means no expenses & the buyer would be missing from the market. Except for these 2 industries – Pharmaceuticals & FMCG every other industry has to fight. Being gentle, being kind, understanding situations & do business with open hearts are the only things that can give economic circulation.  So don’t stop paying or buying things. Circulation would float the market once again & remember If any industry goes down then the whole would suffer, this is not the matter of one country but this would become a global economic effect. Economic corona is knocking your door, Don’t open it. It’s not about website designing companies or the service industry but this will be everywhere regardless of every boundary.


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