How to prepare killing content before making a website.

How to prepare killing content before making a website.

Probably, you are at some planning stage of your website design. What is should be, how it should be or how better it can represent the whole business process belongs to you. So further discussion is about the same thing. with following steps you can arrange your data in better way, your website will take less designing time, less confusion from web designer side & you will get a better website with well organized content in it. You can notice difference if you have made any website previously without this preparation. Once you compare it, you will get a better website. So dont miss it & read carefully.

Before making a website, How to prepare killing content ?

Content comes with 3 parts. First is Images, second is videos third is text. First thing first – Read ahead.

Step 1- Collecting Images :

Whatever expertise an agency shows, no-one knows your business better than you. It’s always important to collect images for your website but how would you collect your images until you don’t know the basic structure of your website.

For example, you know ” possible pages on website” & you can decide which image will goto on which particular page.

Let’s say, you know there are 3 pages on your website – HOME, COMPANY PROFILE & CONACT PAGE.

Follow these steps :

Make 3 folders on your desktop with names HOME, COMPANY PROFILE, TESTIMONIALS & CONACT PAGE.

In HOME page folder make another folder – Name it – Home page banner, & collect big size images that you are going to use on your website homepage as banners. Make one more folder LOGOs & collect logos inside it.

Make another folder with name company profile page, and save images of your company infrastructure, office interior, exterior, team etc. follow same thing for your website’s other pages one by one.

This is not the point how you do it or what folder name you keep on your desktop, it’s upto you. The real point is – you make folders & arrange them with name of your pages. Its easy to understand for your web developers.

As much as it’s possible, try to keep images at big size. If you collect images for your website from search engine like GOOGLE then follow these steps, this might help you.

10 steps to download images at right size for your upcoming website. 

1- Goto google.

2- Type royalty free images.

3- click search.

4- At top options click images.

5- In the same row, at last see TOOLS and click it.

6- Filter it with SIZE, COLOR, TYPE.

7- Click the image & wait until it opens in right pane.

8- Open image in a NEW TAB.

9- Right click and SAVE IMAGE AS.

10- Give the location to save and click this.

## Don’t forget to save images with same name, which can be recognized by your website designer easily, for example if it’s a product image then save it with product name.

Collecting Videos folder wise :

As i already told you to make folders with page-wise approach, you can arrange videos in it & later you can provide the same folder to your website designer so that he can get videos in proper arrangement.

Text & word files arrangement for your new website:

Follow the same steps like mentioned above for images, make folders and arrange files into it.

How to arrange images for products & categories on new website.

I give example & that is universal, most of websites have a menu. There are few menu items into it. Once you HOVER mouse on it, it gives a drop-down list of menu items , its called sub-menu. Here you see categories. Once you click any sub-menu item on your website, a pages opens, and each page would have couple of product images on it.

So, before you make a website you need to arrange your product images in the following way.

1- Make a Main Folder.


3- Move all folders like HOME PAGE, CONTACT PAGE ETC. (If you haven’t read article carefully, goto top and read it, you would get what we are doing).

4- Make a another folder – Products

5- Make Category folders into it (Categories of your products, you need to devide your product in certain categories, we are making these folders)

6- Name these category folder names like “Product category 1, 2, 3..& so on.

7- Save product images categorywise


Here we are explaining the right procedure of collecting images for your website designing, with this way your data will be organized and will be easy explainable.

after using this ninja content management technique.

You will –

  • Get your website designed faster.
  • Get your website arranged better.
  • Get more impressive website.
  • Never miss anything in the list.

Good Luck!

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