Why should you avoid freelancer website designers in Delhi !

Why should you avoid freelancer website designers in Delhi !

Writing a little controversial, but it’s true as SUN, as per an opinion, here are few reasons why you should avoid hiring freelancers for your website designing work !

There are few genuine reasons why customer doesn’t experience a feel good factor after hiring website designers, you tell us what do you think about it. Why should you avoid freelancer website designers in Delhi ! or India or anywhere.

It’s an open discussion so i invite people participation here, also i invite victims of freelancer website designers in Delhi or anywhere in India, any comment positive or negative is appreciated, i would like to see and share it with people. This is a genuine blog with no bias content. But you must have reasons to make cross talks.

In general, most of free website designers already in a full time job somewhere, they want some extra money and this is the reason why they love to do.

No problem, if you find a freelancer website designer who can help you in all ways you want but still there are a lot of chances of failure of your website.

Let’s understand why? Why to avoid freelancer website designers in Delhi !

Freelancer website designers in Delhi has lack of time

In most cases freelancer website designers don’t have enough time to serve you & the reason is they are already in some full-time job, after 8 to 9 hours duty there is no point of thinking how a man can stretch his capabilities out of human boundaries. Doing job is already too tiring and after duty hours, in a city like Delhi travelling from office to home will add some extra tiredness, how would you think a tired man can give you better work satisfaction?

Freelancer website designers will not take responsibility, WHY TO avoid freelancer website designers in Delhi 

I don’t think whatever someone says, but who will take after sales responsibility? Freelancer web designers develop website and they move, & website is a not a lifelong thing, nobody knows when it will start showing errors, performing strange, where you would go to work?

For an instance, if your freelancer website designer is still in your touch, then who will take 100% guarantee, he will not exploit you.

Companies has policies because they have no place to go, they have same market, they are not like employees who change companies, and they care their reputation

Unlike, freelancers companies has some policies, they have pricing fixed, so if you hire them you don’t get exploited, after sales there are high chances you can ask them again.

Who can hire freelancer website designers

Any agency can hire freelancer, if you are a website designing company in Delhi or anywhere in India, then you can handle this problem, because you have enough intelligence to do this work yourself.

Who should not hire freelancer website designers in Delhi or anywhere in India

If you are individual, and not an IT company, then you can’t handle this after your work.

Everything written here may be controversial, and i want someone who can say i am wrong at this point, or can represent a new point of view, i will include it into discussion, all in-favor comments are welcome, no-favor comments are welcome too, just participate here keeping all ethical manners.

Above article fits at title avoid freelancer website designers in Delhi.

Reasons are right there. Anyone thinking something else i don’t know, can tell me. i will publish it if it has something right.

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